photography + design 


We specialize in advertising + architecture, but are always open to photographing different things. Products, events, and portraits, are just a few of the other fields we can work with.  I am always looking for new experiences so feel free to contact us with inquires.



With a background in architecture I will always be influenced & driven by good design.  So whenever possible I try to take on projects that will keep the creative juices flowing.  Graphic design & architecture keep me occupied when the camera is at bay.


Condensing hours into minutes, you can watch life unfold giving a more dynamic picture of the subject and it’s environment.  We use this technique to photograph crowds, traffic, and the elements.  The results are often stunning HD video clips that will captive your audience.



Mainly used for advertising, we use DSLR and GoPro camera’s to make the outdoor world come to life for our clients.  We edit all footage & provide the necessary links to connect with your audience via the web and social media.


David Sowa


With a background in design & passion for photography, David has spent the last 10 years implementing his skills into the world of OOH advertising.  Formerly the head photographer for Titan Outdoor, David is now operating Chicago’s only photography company specializing in the outdoor industry.  Driven by commitment to superior quality & efficiency several companies have already entrusted David with a valued business relationship.  Total, JCDecaux, Outfront, Project, Big Outdoor, Victor, Red Star, Lamar, 365, M&M, & City Outdoor are just a few.

Before starting a career in photography David earned an architectural degree from Arizona State & spent many years working in that field.  It was there that he developed a love for Chicago & all of its beauty.  Now that photography has given him the opportunity to travel aimlessly, he can share all that is great about this city with the world.